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Zhejiang Vogueshower Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

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Vogueshower was founded in 1997. Since the very beginning, our R&D department has developed shower panels that were designed

artistically based on ergonomics wash basin taps manufactures and massage theory on acupunctural points of Chinese traditional medicine, literally transforming

the basic showering function of shower panels to sink faucets factory higher level of leisure and relaxation. Our products have been widely aspired

since their debut on the market due to their fresh designs, personalized functionalities and ease of installation and service. As

the living stand ard of end-users grows, the desire for higher personalization on the products and different expectations from

different regions become more and more apparent. Vogue keeps developing a few dozens of new products annually thanks to the

feedbacks on the customers and market research of our sales department. In 20 years, our product models have expanded extensively

and panel materials range from single acrylic panel to aluminum panel, tempered glass panel, stainless stain panel and bamboo

panel, etc.

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